At the core of the Lavish Venue is the husband and wife team of Mark Coleman and Carla Sandiford-Coleman aka The Sandiford-Coleman Connection. It is an alliance of mutual interests and passions including a commitment to family and community and an enduring appreciation for style, sophistication, Caribbean cuisine and New York nightlife.

The Lavish Venue Bar and Lounge is a dream come through for the long-term residents of the borough of Queens. The Sandiford-Coleman duo has long held a desire to bring the glitz and glamour of Manhattan to their home turf. Lights, color, exotic drinks, fine food, a cheerful and professional staff and an unmistakably classy décor awaits anyone who enters.  So, if you like to dress in a lavish manner and unwind in a lavish setting then the Lavish Venue is for you.

It is now the stated mission of the Sandiford-Coleman Connection to entertain you and to do so in a lavish manner.